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it takes 2 tango

It is very easy to be a victim and blame other people, the circumstances or any external factor you can find in this world to put the blame on, be it a relationship or a job or any personal project. We all make mistakes. Everyday it’s not a court of law and you are not the judge and the jury. If we accept total responsibility, then we will look to do something about it.

Why can’t we all take responsibility for our actions. Because we are wired, that making mistakes means being imperfect and flawed, which means you would be unworthy of respect. Because our huge ego stops us from owning our part.

Look within yourself and see where did you go wrong, how could you have done it differently. Keeping a focus on a fault and blame is backward looking and it’s only going to delay taking a corrective action but it slows down the learning process also.
“When you blame others, you give up your power to change.” Author Unknown


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