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This work is inspired by a woman who is very smart and intelligent but simply cannot focus on things she does. But when she plays her cello, she puts her mind and soul into it and forgets about all the sorrows and obstacles.It soothes her and mellows her down. She completely immerse herself in her music. Playing cello helps her connect to her inner self. For the world it might be just an instrument but for her its a symphony of life. She expresses her gratitude for gifting her with this talent. She says," you are my forever friend because unlike my human friends you are always there for me who has no limitations.You act as a soother whenever I am burdened with the challenges and unpredictability of life. I see myself inspired by your silent voice to excel in a more harmonious way without expecting any intrinsic motivation. Oh my cello you are second self to me. A relative gifted you to me and I thought what am I going to do with you. I decorated you in the corner of my room where I could see you all the time. But I started to admire you inch by inch. And one day I was feeling lonely and helpless and that's when I picked you up to play with you. After that there was no looking back. Since then I never deserted you because you were there for me when I needed someone. You gave me a reason to move ahead in life with a positive approach. You inspire me to be patient and resilient.We are inseparable."

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