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We make plans . . . ┬ácarve out our life road map when we know where we are and where we want to go. We feel our maps are complete and we stop looking around for more information. Only few are interested in new information, expanding and refining their understanding. But sometimes, we get roadblocks and sometimes we reach dead ends no matter how many detours we take. If we look at it, world keeps changing, technology keeps changing, fashion come and go etc. etc. At that point, instead of getting tired and quit, we need to revise and change our maps. You may find something else on this new road. You will not know until you get on it. Our life is a journey . . . it is about life unfolding, about evolving . . . about transitions. Carve your own path that fits YOU. It will seem frightening and overwhelming in the beginning but once we open ourselves to different possibilities with new information we receive, we will feel proud and thank ourselves that we didn’t stop or follow what others are telling you to do. We get blocks for a reason. Things happen for your highest good, all we need is to recognize it.

Very few keep going and take . . . the road less travelled.

March 23, 2020




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