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silver lining

This piece of work is inspired by an ancestral hand-loomed rug called a "dhurri" in India. In Indian culture, parents begin accumulating practical articles of household use for their daughter(s) when she is born, in preparation for when she leaves for her new "home" when she is wed. It was meant to be used as bedding for twine cots used in the olden days. With changing times and lifestyles, they are no longer used in the traditional sense. I have an emotional attachment to this which was passed down to me from my parents. I cannot just give it away.
 I once used it as a floor rug for some time. But now the decor in my home has changed and I'm at a loss as to how to use it. My aunt once expressed to me that my name and history will move forward through my work. With this I am passing on a piece of me and my history through time to a new home.  





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