Some Impressions from Clients!


 "For sometime, I contemplated of having a portrait done of my furry friend. However, I could never find who could capture the essence of my dog, Duke until I met Sonali. 
She was able to capture the love and affection I have for him in a way no other artist that I met was capable of. Her time and her ability to listen and understand the connection between the owner and their pet is evident in the beautiful painting of my beloved Duke. 
I cannot adequately express my gratitude and appreciation for all her hard work. I would highly recommend Sonali." 
- Buyer, Denver, Colorado         


"I am so thankful for the time and effot Sonali put into my painting. I know she thanked me for my patience but Sonali is a true artist and I gave her all the time she wanted. I was confident and trusted her instincts from the beginning to the end. The result is what you see, both my boys and the name "Forever love" is fitting and appreciated as well as appropriate. Thank you, Sonali from the bottom of my heart."
- Art Collector, Delray Beach, Florida


              "Thank you so much for your tireless effort in working with me to develop the logo for my new business! Not only do I love the final design, but I could not have imagined it when we started without your vision and talent. It was hard for me to conceptualize what I wanted to represent in the design, but your patience and understanding as to what I wanted to accomplish was so supportive. I now have the design I was meant to have, and that says a lot coming from an Astrologer, so thank you so much. 
"You made the process fun and easy and I would recommend and refer anyone to you wholeheartedly. And, I will surely come back for any other needs I have as my business grows with my new logo."
- Boston, Massachusetts

"I love Sonali’s Art!
I bought all of her Affirmation cards and framed them. I have placed them all over my house as great reminders to living a positive life.
Sonali even customized a card to my favorite colors. She is a beautiful artist and creativity is her gift.
Thank you Sonali for your treasured talent."
- Buyer from Boca Raton, Florida

"When I commissioned Sonali to create a special piece for a recent Academy graduate in Law Enforcement, without hesitation she put her plan on canvas and created a very personal special piece that invoked and symbolized the language used to communicate everyday and, a Badge of honor, strength and pride. It will be cherished forever and admired by all. Very grateful for her talent, passion and dedictation."
- Buyer from West Palm Beach, Florida

"An artist like you has as much colorful personality as the colors that adorn your paintings. You are as healing and impactful on me as your paintings impact me and heal me. Your aura is positive just as looking at your paintings create positivity. An artist is a very precious being without who our existence is meaningless and lifeless. I get so many compliments on the painting."
- Art collector from India


"We are very happy with our painting, Snuggling Zebras. Sonali felt they were reflection of our deep caring for each other and she was right. Love you and thank you."
- Buyer from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"Sonali Kukreja artist skills are committed to excellence, going the extra mile to earn trust and respect. She uses color to evoke a larger message. Her dedication and stability are qualities to treasure. It is not only through the handling of the paint, but the composition of her painting, the strength. Her paintings are both a tangible surface of a perceptual space. Great painters create fluctuating tensions between the experience of seeing surface and depth. The task of doing that well is mammoth. Her works are the magical conjunction of space/no space; movement in stillness.
I truly believe in the work of Sonali Kukreja, and the important role she plays widening means to a cultural exchange enriching our lives profoundly. You are an inspiration. I give her my highest recommendation."
- Curator/ Founder Chief Publisher/ Editor at large IRREVERSIBLE Projects – Exhibitions- The Magazine

"I have had the distinct pleasure to have been to able to work with Sonali Kukreja for over the last year here in Austin, Texas. Not only is Sonali an incredibly talented visual artist but she is an exceptional Fine Art Art Sales associate and it is this combination of attributes that makes her the rare exception in the world of art. I have also seen Sonali working at Art Fairs locally, representing her works, selling them and making lifelong clients. Her skillset with providing clients information and educating them on her works and still being able to "make the sale" in a charming way is enviable indeed. She would be a great asset to any Art Gallery or Art entity that needed both the creative spirit and expertise to handle any responsibility."
- Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Marco Fine Arts

"Sonali Kukreja and I met through the Artists Alliance of the Hill Country (AAHC). Sonali showed experience, knowledge and understanding of how best to market AAHC on Social Media. Her delightful, supportive nature and disposition made her our number one choice to represent and manage us on Social Media. As our Coordinator, Sonali, educated, promoted AAHC with gentle, yet persistent focus. She kept AAHC abreast on current effective marketing trends, stayed focused on our goals and gave gentle nudges to keep us on task where appropriate. Sonali has a good sense of balance. She not only shows her inner grace and beauty in her walk and work, but also in her look and in her art. Through the time working with Sonali, I have gained a treasured friend and would be thrilled to work with her again."
– Co-Founder of Artists Alliance of the Hill Country (AAHC)

"Sonali Kukreja is not only a talented artist, but also a wonderful person with a bright future and a vision for making the world a better place. She uses her gifts to allow others to experience the world, their lives and her art in new ways. I have worked with Sonali through helping market her amazing artwork. She is kind and giving with a wonderful message. I highly recommend Sonali for her works of art as well as her gift of connecting with people.
- Founder & CEO at writer for Art Market Magazine

"I’ve had the pleasure of following Sonali’s artistic journey for a while now. I bought some of the prints of her originals and I’ve seen her work grow with her as a person. I notice her work truly become an extension of herself. Her work is vibrant. They have a sense of movement and maybe even a sense of mystery. The thing that resonates most with me about her work is her inspiration for the piece. Her paintings are beautiful just as they are but take a moment to read her inspiration, and it often elevates the painting to the next level. There is no going back to looking at that painting as a thing of beauty. In my eyes the painting transforms to assurance, reassurance, promise and hope!  Her art has truly touched my life and hope it does the same for you!" 
- Buyer from New Jersey 

"I bought "Ecstasy" from Sonali. From the moment I saw it, I wanted to own it. I was attracted to the bold theme, the bright colors and the sheer beauty of the piece. Not only is it beautiful but also affordable. I would highly recommend her work."
- Buyer from Toronto, Canada

"I ordered a print from Sonali, I can honestly say it was the smoothest transaction I have ever had. She is one of the most amazing artist and so creative. Do yourself a favor and purchase from this artist I promise you won't be disappointed !!"
- Buyer from Port Saint Lucie, Florida

"I have commissioned a particular piece from Sonali, called Elevate. I had requested a painting representing the relationship between children and caregivers affected by childhood cancer for my charitable organization. I was immensely impressed by not only the final product - but the artists own desire to get the image "just right" by consulting me at various stages of the process. She showed incredible compassion for the cause through her work ethic and commitment to complete the piece in time for an awareness event last September. She is a highly spirited artist with a vision beyond the obvious - I look forward to continued work with her."
- A buyer from Toronto,Canada

"Sonali has such a great eye for detail. There is so much soul in her paintings, I am always impressed by her creativity, she is able to effectively capture many genres, traditional, modern, abstract, to name a few. I own 3 of her original works and plan to order more!"
- Buyer From Reston,Virginia

"We purchased the Tulips pair from Sonali at an art show in Austin. It was our first time at an art show honestly, but we had a great time. And it was even my husband who fell in love with these pieces and insisted we get them. They are absolutely beautiful and perfect for the space. Sonali has such a kind spirit that shows in her work. She has so much to offer, something for everyone".
- Buyer From Austin, Texas

I own the Tribal Woman painting created by Sonali. I had asked her to create it without providing too much guidance to her regarding my likes/wants. Sonali was right on! The painting is beautiful, engaging, striking and her work is precise. I have received a LOT of compliments and I plan to purchase more from her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in high quality, beautiful paintings."
- Art Collector from Bangalore, India

"Recently ordered some Awesome Art for my gadgets!! I love them."
- Buyer from Austin, Texas

"I was blessed to meet Sonali when I first saw her work at the Art on the Domain show last September. I now have a print of Three Angels on my wall where it can always make me smile. In everything she does, her colors and images are beautifully alive. Just like the most beautiful Sonali!"
- Buyer from New Mexico

"Sonali, it's incredible the mind's interpretation of the various aspects of life and you convey it so beautifully on canvas. You've truly found your calling and it's a privilege to journey down this road with you, even from a far. I've particularly enjoyed your works: Woohoo - as it's a daily reminder for me to be spontaneous and find humour throughout my day; and the peacock in all it's beauty speaks for itself, in my mind. I've purchased both in the format of greeting cards and look forward to adding your collections to my home."
- Buyer from Toronto Canada

"Love the painting we bought. It looks beautiful in my home and have received tons of compliments on it as well..... Keep up the awesome work!"
- Buyer from Ashburn,Virginia

"Nothing can rival the exhilaration of being able to convey yr thoughts n emotions through a particular medium, other than words, that u r so passionate about. And Sonali's works of art seem to be doing that n much more ! I have known her since years but I had no idea that what she began as her hobby would one day shape her future. With every stroke on the canvas she seems to be working relentlessly towards reaching her goal in life. I just love her work n forsee the making of a beautiful spirited n a famous artist."
- An Art Lover from Bangalore, India



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