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All of us have both Feminine Energy & Masculine energy within us.

Feminine energy is a right brained energy. It is creative and inspiring. It is receptive, nurturing, and supportive. It is an intelligent and loving energy full of compassion, emotion, empathy, and truth. When our feminine energy is strong, we have a strong connection to our body and intuition. But unfortunately, if our feminine becomes dominant, others think that we are weak and thus lose our personal power. And as there are more women living on their own now, they don't want to let that power go, specially, strong independent women, they keep their masculine energies high and activated. It becomes their survival instinct.

Whereas, masculine energy represents our left brain. It is analytical & logical, loves to build. Masculine energy sees a problem and immediately wants to fix it. It is assertive and protective. Masculine energy loves direction and a purpose. It is competitive and likes to win and break through barriers.

In caveman era, man was a hunter and woman a gatherer. But in this day and age, women have also become hunters along with men and this activates their masculine energy. When women got into the work force, we noticed a significant decline in the feminine energy as women trying to keep up with the men in power particularly in male dominated fields.

There is always a push and pull between the two. And that creates a conflict. 

Even in relationships, conflicts arise when both partners use dominant masculine energies. This creates a constant power struggle between the two partners. Both want to be in charge, both want to be the decision-makers, and both want to have things their way (but that's a whole seperate topic to elaborate). But does it sound familiar to you ladies?

Since we are talking to women here, while juggling both the energies, sometimes a woman loses a balance. I am guilty of charge. I too lose a balance and have to remind myself, “Girl, take it easy and try not to fix everything and take charge, but let others do the work also and let them please you.”

So how can we keep the balance to avoid this conflict? If we stay in touch with our core energy and trust the partner’s core energy and then appropriately interchange whenever required depending on the situation, we can do well. Consider it as a dance when sometimes the man leads, and the woman follows, and sometimes the woman leads, and the man follows. It is like a puzzle where two pieces fit together perfectly. And this dance is never too late to learn. If WE are willing and commit ourselves to grow and want to improve things for our betterment, we can absolutely do this.

Also, keeping a check on our feminine energy makes us more powerful in our personal life, relationships, and within the world. Actually, we can do few things to bring back our femininity. They do work. I use them and feel the shift happen. For example;

- Dancing – any body movements that has some flow to it and if you add some sensual moves, even better. You must have observed or seen on social media these days that lot of women are getting into pole dancing. Why? The sensuality involved in it helps them connect with their femininity.

- Create something - whether it is art, writing, cooking, crafting, music, gardening or anything else.

- Once in a while let us try not to structure our schedule or make plans but just go with the flow.

- Having a girls' time together can also help in reacharging our femininity.


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