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what are you waiting for

Opportunities don’t simply fall into our lap. Sometimes we have to create them for ourselves. There are times when we feel trapped in a situation. What can we do about them? Do we stay in that situation and curse it, or do we do something about it, in an attempt to find a solution? Life is short. We don’t want to regret a decision and wish that we had done thing differently, especially once that time has passed. I believe our lives are never over, until we breath our last breath. At times we may need to let go of something good, for something even greater. Anything can be attained through the universe. One needs to have patience. One needs to believe in oneself and the universe, with a grateful and an open heart. Only then can we receive what we long for. “Don't Wait! Step into your dreams, believe that you can attain what you long for, and create your special experiences today. This is your moment”.  



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