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who is she

This is dedicated to all those women who put up a brave face and keep playing their societal role.  They are refrained from expressing themselves. Women are wired to support and nurture others, saying “yes” and “agree” much of the time, feeling resentful. I read it somewhere and I agree “Men who speak their mind gain respect. Women who speak their mind get a reputation for being difficult” The gradual shift in power hasn’t been well received across cultures. She may be a powerful woman outside but at home she has to play a submissive role. How many roles does she have to play? Who is she? She is very much human but still everyone expects her to be God-like. 
Ultimately, woman is power no matter what. She always draws out her innate energy from within and manages. Is it a gift or a curse to listen and understand the other person? I think it’s a gift - for anyone as a matter of fact irrespective of gender. 




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