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This artwork is dedicated to my Guardian Angel. The story . . . my true story . . . behind creating this piece is like this.

Not too long ago, I was told by one of my astrologers that my Guardian Angel wants me to ask for its help. So I did exactly what I was advised. The next night I had a dream that I am sleeping (in my dream) and I see someone - a blurry small figure - sitting at the foot of the bed. That scares the hell out of me and I try to scream “who are you, who are you” but my, I can’t get my voice out so my words come out in whispers. And then I see that blurry small sitting figure far away at the door. I try to ask again “who are you, who are you” and the same thing happens, my voice comes out in a whisper tone. And then, listen to what happens next. I get a shower of feathers on me. That figure was telling me that it was my guardian angel and I am being protected and not to worry about anything and all positive changes are coming in my way. That made me incredibly happy and made me feel sooo secure and safe.

After a few days, I found a feather under my desk at work. Now I am thinking how did the feather get there. Now, this one time feather appearance didn’t end there. After a couple of days later, I found another feather at my work place at a different spot.

Did I just get a message from my Guardian Angel? I strongly believe so.

Visit my blog to read more about what feathers represent.




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