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chance encounter

Inspiration, sometimes comes from simple things. This piece has been inspired from a tree trunk. We lost a few trees in a tornado one year. So the only things left from those trees are their stumps. While looking at them a few days ago, I was thinking about how to incorporate them in a landscape design. My attention went to the top of the stump and I wondered how the wood grains are like art within themselves. Inspiration Struck! It was simply a chance that it caught my eye in the same way that one might meet someone out of nowhere, who unexpectedly catches your attention and makes an impact on you.

2nd Story

This painting has been resilient and a survivor just like it's creator. And the second story is that it fell down on the floor and hit a sharp corner resulting in ripping up the canvas cloth. I was heart broken. But I couldn't let it go just like that. I thought there has to be a way to salvage this. What I did was I got smaller 6 x 6s made out of it and opened up many creative display options. The possibilities are endless.




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